60 s Style Wedding Hairstyles


When it comes to wedding hairstyles, the 60s era is known for its iconic and elegant styles that have stood the test of time. From sleek updos to voluminous bouffants, 60s style wedding hairstyles exude timeless charm and sophistication. Let’s dive into the world of 60s style wedding hairstyles and discover the perfect look for your special day.

What Makes 60s Style Wedding Hairstyles Unique?

  • 60s style wedding hairstyles are characterized by their retro glamour and vintage appeal.
  • These hairstyles often feature intricate details such as beehive bouffants, braided updos, and sleek chignons.
  • The 60s era was known for its emphasis on volume and texture, making these hairstyles perfect for brides looking to make a statement.

Popular 60s Style Wedding Hairstyles

Here are some of the most popular 60s style wedding hairstyles that you can consider for your special day:

  • Beehive Bouffant: This iconic hairstyle features a voluminous crown and sleek sides, creating a glamorous and sophisticated look.
  • Mod Bob: The mod bob is a sleek and chic hairstyle that was popularized in the 60s. It is perfect for brides who want a modern twist on a classic look.
  • Twisted Updo: This romantic hairstyle features twisted sections of hair that are elegantly pinned up to create a soft and romantic updo.

How to Achieve 60s Style Wedding Hairstyles

Here are some tips on how to achieve the perfect 60s style wedding hairstyle:

  • Start by prepping your hair with volumizing products to add texture and body.
  • Use hot rollers or a curling iron to create soft waves or curls in your hair.
  • For a beehive bouffant, backcomb the crown of your hair and smooth it out with a brush to create volume.
  • Finish off your look with a veil, headpiece, or fresh flowers to complete your 60s inspired bridal look.

With these tips and ideas, you can rock a stunning 60s style wedding hairstyle on your special day and channel the glamour of the past with a modern twist.