Lose Weight. Save Money?

Yes. Losing weight often has the positive side effect of saving you money. Here are 5 reasons why:

1) You eat smaller portions and eat less overall saving you money.

2) You eat less fast food.

3) You eat less at dine in restaurants and take the extra food home.

4) You eat less highly processed foods.

5) You fill up with fiber instead of sugar and carbs.

Convenience food is expensive and usually not good for you. Skipping the convenience foods saves you money. Wait a minute though you say. “Don’t I have to prepare more food?” Yes, you do and you can then choose better options that promote weight loss. The time spent preparing food and exercise is a good investment in your health.

So saving money on groceries is just another benefit of losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet with a exercise program. Add that to your reasons why you need to lose weight and you will have a very powerful motivator.