7 Super Dieting Tips

Here are 7 great tips that will help you lose weight:

1) Become more conscious on your food portions.
One of the things that is all around us is super-sized food portions. Thus, it is important that you become more conscious on your portions from now on. To do this, you can remind yourself that you may have to purchase more larger clothes if you continue eating large quantities of foods.

wp900f02e1_05_062) Drink more water.
Drinking lots of water can help you lose weight. It helps to suppress your appetite in a natural way. It also helps in flushing out toxins from your body. In addition, no matter how much you drink, it won’t make you gain fat, since it does not have any caloric content.

3) Stay away from sodas and sweetened drinks.
Many people are so fond of drinking sodas and sweetened drinks. If you are one of them, then this practice may very well be one of the main reasons why you have gained lots of weight. It really is time to cut down your consumption of such drinks. Sodas are filled with sugar or high fructose corn syrup, which would only load your body up with more calories.

4) Eat more vegetables to eat less.
When you are eating more vegetables you would actually be eating lesser amounts of calorie dense foods. This is because vegetables are loaded with fiber. Fiber can actually make you feel fuller, longer, since it prolongs the digestion process. Thus, it would help suppress your appetite, and allow for more weight loss progress.

5) Including protein in your diet.
Having a good amount of protein rich foods in your daily diet is required in order to lose weight, as well as to stay healthy. This is because protein can help your body build more muscles, and it is harder to digest than other food groups. Aside from that, protein can also help in boosting your body’s resistance to diseases.

6) Set more achievable goals.
When you set your goals for losing weight, such as the amount of pounds that you want to lose, make it as achievable as possible within a certain timeframe. If you set goals that are too hard to achieved, then you may get discouraged and give up when you are not able to attain them. Thus, start with something that you believe you can reach first, so that you can start your diet program on the right path and then set new goals to further your progress.

7) Eat smart when eating in restaurants.
Eating out in restaurants should be minimized when you are trying to lose weight. However, if you are in this situation make sure to order foods that are healthy and not too fattening. Keep in mind though that most restaurants provide very large food portions. To get around it, ask for another plate, and only fill it up with the right portion to eat. Ask for a container right away to set aside food you want to take home.

Does the 3 Week Diet Work?

The 3 Week Diet is a program that offers training for optimal dieting, exercise and motivation to produce fast results. You can shed 12 to 23 pounds in only 21 days. Some work is required on your part such as changing your eating habits, restricting carbohydrates while increasing protein consumption, and definitely start an exercise habit. Then you periodically track your weight loss progress and lose the fat.

Creator of the program
The man who created this weight loss plan is Brian Flatt. According to his website, he’s a sports nutritionist, a health coach, and a personal trainer who has long been in the fitness industry since the 1990s while also being the owner of REV Fitness, a personal training studio located in Southern California. On top of that, he also has a degree in Biology from the San Diego State University.

What is included?
The program is separated into different manuals covering topics in weight loss. There is an introduction manual to get you off to a good start. The introduction manual covers how the 3 week program works explains diet concepts like the food pyramid and metabolism.

The diet manual is the core of the program and is basically composed of three phases of dieting. Each phase is one week. This diet plan tells you what you should be eating on a daily basis, how much, and when you should be eating. You will learn the best foods to eat in order to maximize the fat burning potential of your body, and also covers the foods to avoid that are sabotaging your fat loss efforts.  In the first week, you are told to you can expect a weight drop of approximately 10 pounds. Wow.

You will need to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. This diet attempts to fool the body into going into starvation mode 24/7, and then have you lose about 1 pound of body fat each day. Seeing such quick progress is a huge motivator which helps you progress toward your goals.

You will learn how to calculate your lean body mass versus your fat percentage so that you can adjust your rapid weight loss plan based on your body type.

Do I need to go to the gym?
The exercise section is covered in the workout manual, it’s mostly about body weight exercises and Kettlebell workouts. This is nothing too complicated and you won’t need a gym membership to get results. You are given four different workout routines.

I need motivation
There is a mindset and motivation manual which is very helpful since this is where a lot of people fall off of a weight loss program. This manual covers goal-setting and keeping a journal.


  • Dieting is tough. But this program spells it out for you to help you succeed.
  • This program gives you the ability to lose a lot of weight: 12 to 23 pounds in 3 weeks. That is quick. Results may vary.
  • There are comprehensive sections on dieting, exercising, and motivation. This appears to cover everything you need to know.
  • The presentation is clean and the program format is very well laid out.


  • More testimonials would be helpful to see how others have progressed with this program.
  • They strongly recommend supplements to achiever a faster weight loss. This may just be an extra expense or a serious concern for some people.
  • The author makes controversial statements about weight loss and expects readers to believe this at face value. Additional statistics to back up claims would be helpful.
  • This is a digital product and there is no hard copy.
  • Topics could be covered more in depth.

Looking at this program, even if you lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks that would be an achievement. Many fail to lose any weight and they become demotivated and give up. The weight loss goal in this program sets a high bar. This may be a good thing, since anyone on this program will lose weight. I like how this program covers everything: dieting, exercise and the motivation. Without one of those you would most likely fail. The program is immediately downloadable for instant access. There is a money back guarantee so you have really nothing to lose except weight, of course. I can tell you from personal experience there is a no hassle process with this payment processing company if you are not fully satisfied.

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