Teen Gets Fit and Strong By Following Her Mother’s Example

Rachel’s unhealthy teen habits gave her a body she wasn’t proud of. With her mom’s guidance and a commitment to flexible dieting, she slimmed down and packed on muscle.

Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you, but you’re just not ready to see it yet. In Rachel Auer’s case, a little inspiration from her mom was enough to turn her life around, even though she initially ignored the positive influence.This Teen Followed Her Mom's Example To Get Strong!

“My mom was a group fitness instructor,” she says. “She watched the way she ate and was obviously very healthy, but, for some reason, I just wasn’t driven to be that way.”

As a teen, some of Rachel’s favorite after-school snacks included ramen noodles, microwavable mac and cheese, and popcorn chicken with a helping of ranch dressing. Eventually, though, her unhealthy habits gave her a body she struggled to love. She knew she needed to get healthy.

With her mom’s guidance, Rachel transformed from seriously out of shape to fit and strong—a total transformation that happened during those difficult high school years.

This is Rachel’s story.

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