One Way to Measure Fat Loss Progress With A Caliper

This is how I am doing it. I have 4 points on my body that I measure at exactly the same place usually at a small mole or permanent mark on my skin. I measure my thigh, my belly at my belly button, my chest, the side of my waist a bit above the belly button to the left (for myself). I enter these numbers on a spreadsheet with the date.

I track these numbers weekly. After a few weeks, I get an idea of much I can lose in a week. Then I set goals for myself and track my progress towards those goals.

This is very interesting because sometimes you lose focus on fitness and life throws you something unpleasant and you gain weight. That happened for me this year. I look back and see my past results last year where I got down to the lowest lat level ever. This year I let myself gain too much weight. Now I am trying to get back to where I was and improve on that goal. The thing is I did it before and I can do it again.  I know how much I can lose.

This has been a great tool for me. Give it try.

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