Launching Transform Thyself Infinite Mind

Transform Thyself is branching out beyond fitness into self-help topics. The goal is to create a quality blog and newsletter to touch on subjects that expand your abilities with your mind and emotional well-being. Your mind is very intertwined with your health and it is vital to pay attention to what your are thinking and feeling to see how a holistic approach to health is very important. Much of weight loss is a psychological game and is all about motivation. Depression can have a huge negative effect on motivation. A “I can’t do it” mind-set is self defeating and will sabotage your efforts in achieving success.

Expand your mind with Transform Thyself Infinite Mind

Transform Thyself will present a new blog in the near future. But, to start the launch a newsletter has been created and the sign up link is below. As always the Transform Thyself Infinite Mind emails are 1 to 2 a week maximum with our No Spam Guarantee. We want to bring valuable content to your week not a headache of daily junk email.

Join us on this new journey. There is also a free e-book offer upon sign up. You also will get free e-books monthly as a subscriber. This is a great value all for free!

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