Controlling Food Portions For Weight Loss Success

I recently lost a lot of winter fat around my belly without increasing exercise. How? By being mindful of the amount of food I eat and making healthier choices.

Food Portions. How much is enough for you? This is where many fail at weight loss. You go to a restaurant and you get a huge plate of food. You eat most of it and add a blast of calories to your body. Sugar, alcohol, desserts, fast food, and the calories keep adding up.




What to do?

1) Drink more water to fill up and hydrate.

2) Cut back on snacks, desserts, sugar. Indulge just a little bit. Do not have a second piece of cake, a half bag of chips and so on. Have a nibble and put it away.

3) Choose healthy snack such as carrots, celery, nuts. Eat a little bit, then put it away.

4) Be aware of you food portion at each meal. Set your limits. Have self control.


What you will notice:

1) Less stomach bloat and gas

2) You are losing fat gradually even without exercise

3) Better hydration gives you better energy and clearer thinking.

4) You are in a better mood. You feel and look better.
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