How to Lose the Butt Fat – My Bikini Butt Review

Saggy, shapeless … you get the picture. Need I say anymore. Your body has shape. But, the fat on top blurs the curves and makes you look gross. Flat butt, saggy butt, cellulite butt? No thanks. Sometimes the fat accumulates too much in one area that makes it look really, really bad. What to do?

How to get a super sexy butt?

1) Burn off the fat

2) Develop the butt and leg muscles underneath.

If you burn the fat but without building muscle you would end up with a flat butt – “Missing Butt Syndrome”. If you build your butt muscles without burning fat, then you have a bigger butt. Maybe more rounded, but still a bigger butt.

Which brings us back to:

1) Burn off the fat

2) Develop the butt and leg muscles.

It is that simple – do both.

You want lose the extra fat and look more muscular back there. Super Sexy Butt. Brazilian Butt. Possible? Absolutely.

 Does My Bikini Butt do this for you? Let’s check it out.

Some positives:

1) Andrea, the presenter comes from a background dealing with obesity and has beaten the fat.

2) Do it at home. Do not need a gym.

3) Minutes a day tips

4) Busy moms, career women can do it

5) Andrea has an attractive personality. Many fitness experts can be very annoying to watch and listen to.

 Some Concerns:

1) This is not a big budget production like Jillian Michaels

2) This requires work and dedication

3) You need to stick to the program and plan around it

Another Look From A Different Angle:

Imagine being in the best shape of your life. Worth it? How long have you been dreaming of being in better shape but never getting closer to that reality. Imagine the new clothes you can now fit into. Imagine being on the beach and heads are now turning at you and people admiring your new body. Worth it? Yes.

 Should you try My Bikini Butt? It may surprise you in what you can accomplish.

My Bikini Butt