Set a Goal, Measure Your Progress



The Scale

day-7-lady-weighing-redscale-400x400Staring down in disbelief your realize you gained more pounds of fat. True or False? Well, maybe. Possibly it is water gain or bloating. Maybe you ate a lot of food in the past 24 hours but it has not converted to fat.

The scale does not tell you the true story whether or not you gained fat. 1 pound for muscle is actually smaller than 1 pound of fat. If you are exercising, you may be building muscle while staying the same weight but you are losing fat.

That is why I use a caliper. It is super cheap at Amazon. Once you know how to use it, you will finally be able to track your fat loss results accurately.

Time to get one for $5 (see below). If you have Amazon Prime it is free shipping. Get a better progress tracking system and actually make progress in fat loss!