5 Minute Abs – 5 Exercises In 5 Minutes – You Have Time For This

Workout you abs in 5 minutes. Ok, time is no longer an excuse. The only possible excuse is that it is too difficult. Try it, take a rest, and keep at it. Do your best. Don’t expect top fitness in 1 day.

So on this episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to start your six pack! This total ab workout will help you burn calories and flatten your stomach for your best body!

Master the Burpee full body exercise

No need for a gym for this fat burning exercise. This is an intense compound movement using many muscle groups. It is not an easy exercise. It is challenging but one that is very rewarding for building all around strength and agility. Your fat level will notice the benefit too.

In this short, to the point video, Kelsey Lee shows you how to do the burpee. Get started and get that fat burning.