Acupuncture for Weight Loss

CQAeHjFU8AEG9JPDiets, meal plans, pills and exercise routines are all part of getting that extra fat off your troubled body parts. Where does acupuncture fit in? Part of the struggle with fat loss is dealing with the food cravings. Dieting involves huge self control. Acupuncture will help calm those cravings. Acupuncture will help you feel more centered, more balanced, and more in control.

What is Acupuncture?

Using fine needles, acupuncture involves insertion of these needles to particular points along meridians in your body. Energy flows along these meridians and acupuncture helps to regulate and improve energy flow. When you get a treatment, you will feel an initial pin prick, but needles are nothing to be afraid of. Actually many patients fall asleep during treatment. It is very relaxing.

Afterwards, you may feel many different things but usually you feel refreshed, balanced, and energized. Acupuncture can treat many problems with the body and along with helping with weight loss, you can benefit if you have joint pain, headaches, and more.

Why Combine Acupuncture with Weight Loss?

By combining acupuncture with a weight loss program you will stay on track far better than doing it on your own. The acupuncturist often is knowledgeable on nutrition and will help you with a meal plan. If you feel more balanced you won’t be reaching for those comfort foods that ruin your diet.

How Many Treatments?

It is advisable to get treated once or twice a week while you are losing weight. When you reach your goal weight, you may need to have occasional treatments to keep you at your ideal weight.

Will It Help Me?

Acupuncture has been used successfully by celebrities for weight loss. Jennifer Lopez told OK! magazine she used acupuncture therapy to drop 15 pounds of weight.

Give acupuncture a try if you have been struggling to shed those pounds. You may be able to finally end that struggle and get the body you have been dreaming about.

Guest post by Healing Needle Acupuncture Milwaukee.