Starting Weight Loss In 3 Steps: 1-2-3

In a world with so many distractions competing for you time and energy. Where fattening food is always at your fingertips. It is no wonder there is an obesity problem. Many people get stuck because they think they have to have a complicated routine or be on a heavily restrictive diet to succeed. It seems like so much work. So little time, so little energy. Not True! It can be easy.

Here is a quick start motivator:

1) Be Patient. Change happens over time with positive results. Small incremental changes add up to a large impact. Losing 1 pound every 2 weeks adds up over a few months. You will see results every week that goes by. The fat is going away and you will feel more energetic.

2) Have a plan and track your progress. Take weight measurements, take skin fold measurements and create a weekly log to track your progress. Change your goals if they are too unrealistic. Be flexible but create a clear plan for progress.

3) Better diet and more exercise. You don’t have to do extreme workouts. You can do that once you reach a better fitness level if you want. If you want to lose fat you cannot still eat too much sugar, carbs, alcohol and unhealthy fats. You need to be conscious of your eating and make healthier choices, but you don’t need to take extreme measures. Cutting back slightly on calories and more exercise will yield fat loss results.

Good luck on your fitness goals!